Thinking Hats

de Bono's Thinking Hats
Edward de Bono developed his 6 Thinking Hats in the early 1980's to help students with strategies that help them organise and share their thinking in distinct ways. The six hats represent facts, creativity, benefits, cautions, feelings, and process. Eat hat has a different colour which signifies the differnt strategy. It is intended that students use the 'hats' in small groups. Each student in the group has the same 'hat' on at the same time. These 'hats' are kept on and each student is working on the same strategy for a short period of time, these 'hats' are then switched and so on.

Thinking hats can be used with all students but will incorporate the higher order thinking strategies of gifted and talented students.

de Bono for schools has many free resources that can be downloaded and used in the classroom.

Kurwongbah State School has many teaching resources that have been tried in the classroom.

Schoolnet has many lesson plans using the six Thinking Hats

Respond to Literature using the six hats 

Hat template