A person who is gifted sees the essential point and leaves the rest as surplus. 
Thomas Carlyle

Levels of Giftedness

As students with disabilities and learning difficulties have varying levels or degrees of disability, so does the gifted student. This is not meant to label the student but to provide an understanding into the level of intervention that is required.

Why label a student gifted and talented?

Students who are identified as gifted need a special education program to enhance their learning. It is so schools and teachers can implement strategies and procedures to move them along the curriculum, and to provide evidence for inclusion in a particular program. Diagnosing students is an ongoing process as new contexts and developmental stages can change throughout a student’s educational journey. This is a shared process between parents, teachers, counsellors and trained professionals. ‘Periodic assessment is required as student’s gifts grow and change.’ (direct quote)

Table 1: IQ and levels of giftedness (NSW Education (2004)  Gross, 2000)