Multiple Intelligences

Find out your student's strengths and weaknesses by having them complete thsi simple survey.

What is Multiple Intelligence?
Dr Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence (MI) offers an insight into students learning styles, strengths and weaknesses. The MIs are made up of eight categories. These are:-
  • Linguistic ( relates to words, meanings, etc)
  • Logical ( mathematical/logical - relates to numbers or reasoning)
  • Musical ( has a natural ability in music)
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic (use their bodies to learn eg. hands on, dance/movement etc)
  • Interpersonal (relates to others well, are often leaders etc)
  • Intrapersonal ( often enjoys working alone, deep thinkers)
  • Spacial (Visual- relates to images, pictures, diagrams etc, are often good at art)
  • Naturalist ( relates well to the environment including animals and plants etc)
Knowing where your student's strengths and weaknesses are, can provide an insight into how, what and why they learn in certain ways. Gifted students will be strong in one or more intelligences and will need to be extended within these areas. However, they will also need to have any weaknesses addressed and strengthened.