Wattle's Web

Wattle's web contains many great links to webquests, games and educational sites. It has contains links to teacher resources and lessons.
Don't Gross out the World

This quick interesting quiz on the do's and don'ts of food etiquette around the world could lead to an interesting extension project where the student could research and create a project, cookbook, movie, slideshow etc on foods and customs of a particular country.

Don't Gross out the World

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This game will change the gifted speller. Be sure to click the help button to gain full instructions on how to play.


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Webquests such as this on will provide the gifted student with the chance to broaden their knowledge and expand their thinking. Webquests are designed as self paced avtivities that students can usually work on by themselves with interaction from the teacher when required. They are designed to be able to be completed in the students own time. As a teacher you can add elements to the webquest to enhance your students area of expertise.

Off the Beaten Track Webquest

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There are many fantastic science websites for students on the internet that allow students to investigate the exciting world in which they live. Many of these sites are self directed and are ideal for gifted and talented students.

Cool Science

This 'Cool Science' website will enthuse the gifted scientist. It has interactive and video resources.


Edheads is the 'coolest' science website for the young scientist. It allows students to do virtual knee surgery, design a cell phone, find out about simple machines, investigate a crash scene or do deep brain stimulation.

Strange Matter

This cool science website allows students to discover the science of everyday 'stuff'. Students can zoom, crush, transform or improve stuff.

What a Blast

What a blast has many links to other interactive and exciting science websites. Click on the tuff stuff link to access these links. Click on any of the links to access podcasts, technology, radio, deep space and more.

How Stuff Works
How Stuff Works in an interesting site that allows students to explore the many areas of science.

Try Science

Try Science has many online experiments, field trips and adventures.

Peep and the Big Wide World

This website is more for the younger students and allows students to explore the basics of science.

10 Cool Sites

This website contains many links to great science adventures for students.


This interactive website contains links to interesting hands on activities such as Amusement Park Physics, Ask Dr Universe and Brain Pop plus much more.

Crayon Physics

This is a site that will interest the gifted scientist. You can download the game for free and have a trial version or it costs $14.95 for the full version. Well worth it though!