Thinkers Keys

Tony Ryan is responsible for the thinking keys concept. Tony is an Australian Learning Consultant and Writer who provides support to schools and organisations around the world, especially in the areas of pedagogy (child-centred learning) and andragogy (adult-centred learning). He is a world renowned author  of many books including The Ripple Effect, Thinkers Keys for Kids, Mindlinks, Brainstorms, Thinkfest and The Clever Country Kits.

Tony's Thinking Keys are 20 powerful strategies that teachers can use in their classrooms to encourage higher order thinking. These are especially useful for gifted and talented students to extend their thinking and encourage them to 'think outside the box'.

The Thinking Keys have been placed on 20 highly visual cards. These cards have been split into 2 categories:-

  1. Critical / Organisational (the purple ones). When you need to get yourself organised, these are the cards for you. They encourage you to do your research, to evaluate your information, and to place any necessary tasks into action.
  2. Creative (the Orange ones). When you want to generate all-new ideas, or to develop some different perspectives on an issue, then these Cards will help you to do so. They challenge you to think very differently.
Further explanation and a copy of the keys can be found here.

(Please note this booklet is only for personal use and further duplication is prohibited)